House Of Aekaya

the Soul

Love becomes Sufi when we yearn for something deeper - a deeper connection with our soul that searches for the absolute.

The seeker in us sets on a journey to fill that void, and Art is what first comes to refuge.
Art gives expression to this love, to this search - it is what enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

House of Aekaya is how Art has manifested itself in our journey, in our quest to create something. It’s the place where our love for Art becomes worship, and our souls become one with the craft.

It’s a journey of the heart - a testament to the transformative power of love and a celebration of the beauty that we all have within us.

House of Aekaya

The Essence

(Sanskrit: ekayā / ऐकाया) in its essence means ‘one of a kind’ and stands for thought, intuition, intent, uniqueness and wisdom.

House of Aekaya

The Spirit

HOUSE OF AEKAYA powers from a vision of wanting to create a haven for those who appreciate the arts as much as we do.

We are a team of strong-willed , passionate women, driven to create a unique experience for everyone who touches our world.

To begin with, Pankhuri Awasthy Rode, an actor by profession and a connoisseur of jewellery ideates, curates and drives the vision seed of House of Aekaya, hoping it will branch out and become what she has always envisioned it to be.
A Home of the Arts .

Furthermore, every seed needs a solid foundation. That’s where Mrs Sangeeta Rode brings in her twenty five years of jewellery designing and crafting experience. Passionate as she is about her jewels , she also has a fine eye for unique and antique pieces which has not gone unnoticed and her jewellery has been seen in many television shows since 2005.

We then have Harshi and Ankesh Thakur & team Elevate Digital who made this vision a reality with their end-to-end technical support.

What goes without saying is that we at House of Aekaya have been blessed with a lot of unconditional support from our family who’ve been our backbone in starting this journey and powering us.

Our artisans who understand our vision , our photographers who help us bring it out for our patrons, our Web Designer working day and night to make this a smooth interface , we are forever thankful for their support.

House of Aekaya

The Brand

At House of Aekaya, the beauty of one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pret jewellery awaits you. Our brand is dedicated to bringing you exquisite jewellery pieces that seamlessly blend contemporary elegance with traditional allure.

Discover our diverse jewellery range, perfect for every occasion. From delicate contemporary designs that add sophistication to your everyday style, to traditional and elaborate pieces that make a statement at weddings and special events, we have something to suit everyone's taste.

Experience the captivating elegance of House of Aekaya, where each piece weaves a tale and empowers you to embrace your inner beauty.